Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pride, people!

I've just had another argument with TD No. 1 - this time about what she wanted to wear to the shops.  Since when did it become acceptable for young girls to walk around in public half naked?  It's not only my daughters who seem to think it's okay - it's everyone.  Some of the 'outfits' I've seen uni students walking around in - it makes me wonder about the pride some of these people have in themselves.  Obviously, they think they look pretty good wandering around with their butt crack hanging out of their jeans and their boobs hanging out of their shirts but do they even look at themselves in the mirror before they venture out?  A couple of weeks ago, I saw a student walking around in some sort of crocheted short suit, which left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

I remember when going to the shopping center, the city, the movies and even getting on a plane required a little bit of dressing up.  I'm not talking long skirts, gloves and corsets here people.  Take some pride in your appearance and cover up, because quite honestly, I for one don't want to see your bits hanging out, no matter how good you think they look, THEY DON'T!!!  Save it for the beach if you want to flaunt it around.

Having said that and maybe a bit more, my daughter has just fled the house in a dress.  She didn't give me a chance to actually see her but I guarantee, her bra was still showing and she chose flipflops over a nice pair of flats!  Is it just me or do they have too much pride?


  1. I can relate. Sometimes I also wish younger people would see how others see them. And I think flip-flops are SO uncomfortable.

    But I really do like the new underwear lots better. I can actually bend over more!

    I think things will swing back towards more traditional fashions again... at least we get to choose other things to wear if we want.

    My favorite clothing is the 60's and 70's revival trendy retro hippie or peasant fashions. I can relate to those!

  2. I can't stand that I can see all but the nipples these days! I know what breasts look like...I mean, I have them and all...but good Lord, people, I don't need to see what EVERY breast looks like! I am not a man! (funny skit though...Ron White's stand up when he said, "once you've seen one, you want to see them all).

  3. Funny! Yes, it's like some people feel like they are in a competition. I think with women it may feed into their feelings of being feminine as society wants them to be, which is anti-feminist. Remember when women wanted to be comfortable instead of broadcasting their sexiness? I think it's a step backwards, with some little kids imitating what they think they should be like.

    Women should be thinking, not just being involved in clothes shopping and caring a lot about their shoes. And some men feed into it too. I think we are losing some great minds this way.

    But not everyone agrees or cares about the latest fashion in place of a good book. Thank goodness!!

  4. I asked this question on Twitter: Chime in... is it a anti-feminist for women to wear really skimpy clothing? (from My Life as a Mature Student blog) http://goo.gl/tihVe

  5. I am a quasi-feminist. I mean, don't tell me I can't do something simply because I am a woman...unless you are talking about writing my name in the snow. I mean, every woman must admit defeat there. And don't expect me to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen or cook and clean all day. BUT...I still want doors opened for me on occasion and I will always let the man pay for an evening out! I am a captain at a fire dept so clearly, I believe in equal rights. But I also believe that we, as women need to recognize our limitations. I mean, I usually let the guys lift the patients for me if I have them available and I will gladly give up my seat on a fire truck for a male who is better at fighting fires!

  6. Oh...forgot to add however, that yes, dressing like a ho' IS a step backwards!!!

  7. I have to admit, it never occurred to me that skimpy dressing had anything to do with feminism - but I guess it may be. However, for the same reason I don't want to see ladies half naked, I also do not want to see men half naked either!! It definately is a step backwards. Thanks for your input, ladies!


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