Thursday, April 14, 2011


There is absolutely no relationship between this picture and my post!  Only that I mention the Kookaburra and it's my favourite bird!!

Yesterday while sitting outside the lecture room waiting for the lecture to start, the conversation turned to age.  One of my fellow students just couldn't believe she turned 19 on the weekend!!  Yep, 19 - I know how awful is that!  And what's worse, she'll be 21 when she graduates!  I can hear the sudden intake of breath - but that's not it.  Another fellow student...wait for it...will be 23 when she graduates!!  As you can imagine, I didn't have a hell of a lot to contribute because I don't think anyone dared ask me how old I'm going to be if I ever finish this thing. 

Anyway, talk soon turned excitedly to what careers everyone hopes to embark on once they've finished (mostly teaching).  One of the girls turned to me and asked me what I'm going to use my Degree for.  Still sitting there stunned because I'd quietly worked out that I'll be at least 46 by the time I finish, I honestly had to admit that 'I don't know'.

Up most of the night reading and writing, I woke once again at about 2.30am unable to sleep and ended up dropping off on the lounge at about 4.30am - once the kookaburras start, you know any chance of sleep is pretty much impossible.  I think I managed about 2 hours, so I woke up feeling down in the dumps as usual.  But isn't it funny how God or the Universe or whatever it is, can always send you some sort of sign - if you're listening, you might just catch it.  I logged on this morning to catch up on some blogs and the first one I read was Betsyanne's - all about, you guessed it, Non-trads/Mature Age students who finally made their graduation.  Tres inspiring.  Might just get me through this next week until my Easter break!  Thanks Betsyanne.


  1. You are very welcome! :-) Your mention of the Kookaburra reminded me of the old song we used to sing in Girl Scouts. Do Kookaburras really live in old gum trees? Just curious. And the song says they are very happy birds. So that part is good. Except for the early part that wakes you up. Darn.

    Back to your posting, I am not using my teaching degree much BUT I do use my public speaking skills and have gotten my typing speed up to mach one. So school WAS useful!! :-)

    And who knows, maybe someday I will go back again. Only this time I will take something completely different.

  2. Betsyanne - Merry, merry king of the bush is he!!! They do laugh and there's no sound more beautiful to the ear (in my Aussie opinion!). As far as I'm aware, they live in all sorts of trees but the Gum is the quintessential Australian tree, probably more poetically suited to the quintessential Australian bird!!

  3. I know exactly what you mean.I will be 48 by the time/if I finish this Degree. I am heading over to Betsyanne's to read her post.We will make our way through this!! Hugs xx

  4. Thanks Sarah - Sisters-in-Arms!! XX

  5. Oh. My. God. There was a student last semester that was crying about how old she is compared to her classmates. "I'm 24!" I just looked at her with the don't-make-me-tear-your-head-off-and-crap-down-your-throat look and she laughed. She's lucky she's cute and I love her!

    I have been down today too. I have 2 weeks left til my last class and I have been spending every waking minute in my room working. I spent 15 hours straight working on an assignment yesterday. Ugh. Hang in there!!!!!!!! WE WILL DO THIS!

  6. Oh...and a professor last week told the class, "Most of you have spent about 15 years of your lives in school...except for Nicki. She spent about 30 years in school. To which I corrected him and said, "33." This was in a class of a hundred students. He is lucky I have a sense of humor and I love him!

  7. I envy you Nicki that you've only got another two weeks to go until you graduate from your first degree. You're working really hard - you hang in there too! It's funny, my husband just told me I should be a travel writer because all I want to do is travel and I just this very minute told him that I think this degree isn't going to get me anywhere!!! God, aren't I a bundle of laughs? Looking forward to my Easter break! XX

  8. Hang in there! My Bachelors won't get me far either. I can't do counseling unless I have at least a Masters. If I could, I soooo would not be going further with my education! I want to be done!!!

  9. Just keep plugging will go by fast if you stay focused.


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