Saturday, July 9, 2011


I wish the title of this post referred to my weight loss but alas it does not.  It refers to my academic results, which have been more successful than the latter!  I received a High Distinction and a Distinction, which would usually bring elation but even my husband commented on my lack of enthusiasm at such good news.  Hang on a minute - I don't want to sound so dull and ungrateful about it.  I really am over the moon and hopefully if I can keep these results up, I might actually consider doing a Masters.  Maybe.

It is usually true that when something in one area of our lives is going well, something else is turning to shit!  I've come to accept that I will never get back the body I had when I was in my mid thirties but what scares me most is that if I feel miserable about how I look now, how will I be in ten years time because it's just going to get worse!  I walk for an hour just about every other day, I've tried counting calories (boring), not snacking (even more boring), stopping the carbs (painful) and the dairy (not so bad, I like soy) and even after two weeks, I barely lose anything except the joy for living!!!  I remember a time when I could be good for two or three days and lose two or three kilos.  How I took those wonderful years for granted.  Middle-age has come barging through my door, with it's lumpy arse, rotund tummy and double chin and it's here to stay. 

On the flip side, I also remember a time when I thought I was too stupid to go to University but, hey, here I am!  According to the Buddhist philosophy, everything in life is constantly changing and an acceptance of this fact is the key to a happy life.  Therefore, I accept that I will continue to change and will not look 35 when I am 65 (at least not without the help of some major surgeries) but I'm going to make damn sure I will not look 55 when I'm 45!!  With hard work comes success, doesn't it?


  1. Are you still running? That burns a lot of calories, but unfortunately it always made me want to eat more. I've gained 15 lbs and I can't stand to see myself in pictures or in the mirror. And you are so right, it is much more difficult to lose weight these days. Maybe we can help motivate each other! I mean, for pete's sake, if we can do school at our age we should be able to conquer anything, right?

  2. Hi Connie! Still getting used to knowing you as Connie rather than 'Brandywine'!! Motivation is a real trial for me. I start back at pilates tonight and have done an intro to yoga, which I love but it's getting the time! I'm not running, though I'd love to - motivation! I know, excuses, excuses! I think I'm just getting lazy in my old age!

  3. Congratulations on the results!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up with trying to lose will happen. Like the movie Field of Dreams says, "if you build it, they will come." =) Do this...change your goals. If your goal is to be healthy...heart healthy, vitamins and minerals a body needs, exercise to keep your heart and bones strong and your joints flexible and your arteries free of fat rather than having a goal to lose weight, you will do fine. When the goal is to be thinner, we eliminate the things from the diet that our body needs. You need carbs for energy but balance it with fresh fruits and veggies and low fat protein and allow yourself to have a special treat once a week!! It took me 10 months to lose 13 pounds! Hang in there!!

  4. How funny - I just decided after a walk this morning and pilates last night that I know I'm doing everything I need to do and my new goal is to just be healthy and if I lose weight in the process, fantastic! Once agin Nicki, you've given me some great motivation! XX


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