Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OMG - LOL!! :)

I don't know about you guys, but I'm having a hard time accepting abbreviations/acronyms.  Fair enough when sending a text or posting but now my TD No. 2 has started saying them out loud!  Instead of laughing she actually says 'LOL'!  Telling us a funny story someone had told her the other day, she said, 'OMG, I LOLled, so much'!    But most bizaare of all is that now she has abbreviations for abbreviations - 'B T Dubs' is the abbreviation for 'BTW', which is the abbreviation for 'by the way'. Is this normal?  I don't think she realises it's actually quicker to just laugh or say 'by the way'!!

As if it's not confusing enough, I'm also having a really hard time working out what smiley face means what.  Okay, so this :) means I'm happy and this :( means I'm unhappy - so does that mean I can use this :/ for being angry?  Is there a sign for being angry?  Sometimes if I'm really happy, I have been known to use :)).  Are there rules to these little symbols or can I just make them up?    I suppose it's just the way of the new technological world and maybe there needs to be an abbreviation user guide - 'Abbreviations and Symbols for Dummies' for dummies like me who are a little out of the loop.

Anyway, TTYL or as Winnie-the-Pooh says, TTFN!!!


  1. Try this one: http://scilnet.fortlewis.edu/edtech/webmail/emoticons.html and

    this one: http://www.netlingo.com/acronyms.php has some rated R ones there. I was kind of shocked to see some of these.

  2. Thanks Betsyanne. I had no idea there were so many emoticons and I've printed them! 8-)


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