Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm so excited

The mid-year break is almost over and I'm back to uni next week.  I don't know where the time went! 

Yesterday, I went to Officeworks and picked up a 4 lecture note book which for some reason I was very excited about.  Probably because it means I won't have to keep swapping lecture pads every time I go to a different lecture.  It's complete with pockets and I spent last night gluing relevant course information into it (nerd city!).  Today I went to the uni book shop and bought most of what I need, though I was a little more than peeved to find that not all the dossiers were available.  This puts my little plan of being super organised into slight disarray and means another trip into uni before classes start on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, the books and dossier I did manage to get have given me more than enough reason to start feeling the thrill and excitement of finally returning to the lecture halls and tutorial rooms, with novels such as Mrs Dalloway, The Great Gatsby and Death in Venice to study.  Ooh, I get chills!

Given that I'm starting this semester full-time for the first time since starting university, it may be only a matter of time before I'm feeling the pressure of double the assignments and exams I'm used to.  Athough I know it will be challenging, I'm going to stop second-guessing my choices and just know that I can do it and I will! 


  1. I AM SOOOO EXCITED THAT YOU ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Everyday is one day closer!! Wahoooo!

  2. Any excuse to go stationary shopping is exciting!
    (I am also a nerd)

  3. I love your positive attitude. Good luck with everything this semester. :-)


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I've done it!!!

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