Monday, July 11, 2011

The dilemma

Why is it that every time I have a parent/teacher interview, I start thinking I should have done teaching?  I've just come back from my year seven interview and heard nothing I already didn't know about my son.  He is the politest, most well-mannered young man in the class; his presentation leaves a lot to be desired; and academically, he is capable of more.  Exactly the way he is at home!  Full of I beg your pardon's, pleases and excuse me's; his bedroom is constantly a mess and he's always in such a hurry, he can only ever give anything 50%.  No surprises here and if this is the worst I have to hear, I'm happy - he's an absolute angel!  But as usual, I've come home thinking about what a rewarding job teaching would be.  I've been seriously considering transferring (next year) to Early Childhood, which would mean starting again - so another 4 years.  If I stay in the degree I'm in, it means another two years to finish this one and then two more years doing a Graduate Diploma.  So...another 4 years.  Ugh - decisions, decisions!!!!

In the mean time I've enrolled in next semester's subjects.  As usual, over the holidays I've come to believe myself invincible and that I could actually do a full-time study load.  I've chosen - 'Reading Fiction', 'Prose and Essay Writing', 'Fame and Celebrity' and 'Screen Analysis 2'.  Subjects that all sound right up my alley but which will in no way be of any use to me as an early childhood teacher.  I can definitely see a pattern forming here.  Whenever things are going well, I change my mind and decide I want to do something else!!!  Although in my own defence, I have been thinking of teaching for quite a while.'s not good for a Libran to be so undecided!


  1. I started out school planning on becoming a doctor. Then I switched my major to Psychology. Then I very seriously considered switching to Fine Arts but my husband scolded me on that one. "You don't go to the University of Rochester to become an artist!" UR is a very expensive university! So I stayed with Psychology. When I was enrolling in the Master's Program, I started to think I should go for my teaching degree but I really want to do counseling as well. I thought teaching Psychology would be awesome but I don't want to NOT be a therapist. Then...get this...2 weeks ago, I looked into the Physician's Assistant program at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). The only reason I stopped seriously considering it is because I suck at calculus and chemistry (which is what made me decided not to be a doctor). If I could figure the natural sciences out, I would have changed my mind to PA! UGH! I totally understand what you are going through! I am sure you will have some of the courses you took transfer so you shouldn't have to start at the very beginning, right? I mean introductory English classes should transfer. Most other classes should as least count as electives. I think if your heart wants to be a teacher, you should go for it! If you are able, full-time is the way to go but if you have to do part-time, don't push yourself to the point of giving up. Take it slow if needed!

  2. Thanks Nicki - it's nice I'm not the only one who constantly changes her mind! I think it's because I just want to make the RIGHT decision. I should stop worrying about what will be right and just go with what I really want to do. I'm pretty sure I will have to start again but I will definitely look in to what credit I can get - I may be pleasantly surprised!

  3. P.S You will make a great psychologist. I value your advice!

  4. Awww....thanks! I change my mind all the time because I am really bummed about not being able to strut around a hospital in a white lab coat! My ego is outta control at times! =)


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