Thursday, March 31, 2011

The witching hour

Occasionally I have these sleepless nights - they don't happen often any more (maybe it was the coffee I drank and the essay I was working on before I hit the sack) where I lay awake, tossing and turning - my mind jam packed with all sorts of thoughts:

My essay - does my argument answer the question?
My day - Did I allow everyone else the opportunity to answer questions or did I take over the tute?
My kids - what have they all got on tomorrow?
Past loves - what if?
Future loves - will there be any?
Dad - where is he now?
My husband - does he still find me attractive?
My body - what will it look like when I'm 50?
What am I going to wear tomorrow?  When will I do the shopping?  Is there enough petrol in the car?  What shall we have for dinner tomorrow?  What time should I get to uni?  Does my argument answer the question?  What have the kids all got on tomorrow?...

Yawn...did I put you to sleep? 


  1. I know how you feel! Sometimes coffee or caffeine makes me stay up too. (IF it was caffeine...) It is not fun, especially the next day. Sometimes I have tried chamomile tea when I haven't had caffeine. Of course, you also might be stressed out. You certainly have a lot on your plate. I hope you get lots of rest the next time you can.

  2. I am up to about 10-12 cups/day! I think I have a bit of an addiction going on! I have to cut down a lot and soon cuz the boobs are getting coffee rocks! No, it is not too much information! =) You have a ton on your mind...I can totally relate and I want to help. I am sure your argument answers the question and if it doesn't, it is what it is! No sense in worrying about it when unless you have a ton of time to revamp everything! I am considering skipping my first class of the day so you get to uni whenever you want! You are going to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and cozy, the kids have road tests tomorrow so you won't have to drive them places anymore! The kids will stop at the grocery store on the way back from their road test and they will put fuel in the car for ya cuz they are just so damn happy to be driving! At 50, you will look like you do now but your boobies may be a tad lower. Your dad is with my mom (God help him)! There will be future, grandkids, books to read, art to enjoy, hell...maybe even books to write!! Who cares if you didn't give others time to talk...they can speak up! At least they can in the states so I am guessing they can in your neck of the woods too! I am guessing your hubby still finds you attractive because you look pretty HAWT in your profile pic! If he says he does, believe him. If he doesn't say it, remind him that you need to hear from time to time! And past loves....I won't even touch that one because even though I am incredibly happy in my marriage and would never want it any other way, I still wonder... There...all done. Mind can relax for a few minutes! =))) Good luck and hang in there!

  3. Nothing like the realities of daytime! I don't really have that much on my plate - I'm actually extremely lucky but a sleepless night will convince you otherwise. Nicki - I too am sickeningly happily married and I think I would still be with the man I'm with, no matter what other path I chose! Thanks for your comments girls! I feel much better - I slept for 10 hours last night!! Now to finish that dang essay!!

  4. Yay for sleep!!!!! Sickeningly happily married...I'll have to use that one! I love it! I have to start a 15 page book review today (and hopefully finish it by the end of the weekend). I just wish there were not other things I'd rather be doing! I friend requested you so no, not too forward! Thanks for the interest!

  5. How embarassing - I didn't even realise I said 'sickeningly'! Oops - Freudian slip?


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