Thursday, March 17, 2011


Anyone who makes generalities regarding one's GENDER, RACE, RELIGIOUS OR SEXUAL PREFERENCES, you're a DUMBASS and I'm boycotting YOU.  I know IGORANCE is bliss, but please keep your IGNORANCE to yourself.

I shouldn't even dignify you with a response but I will not tolerate ignorance and prejudice.

To all my regular readers, please excuse my outburst.


  1. Oh, the American hating man has visited you too? I replied to him last time he sent the message out but I just marked it as spam this time! No need to be excused for your outburst. I dropped the f-bomb when I replied to him!! You go girl!!!! Tell him to shove it where the sun don't shine! Chances are, it is the ONLY action he will get in that general region anyway! Ha!

  2. Copy and paste and happy reading!

  3. oh fab - I got the American hating man too. What a knob!!! I deleted him as spam too.There are some strange people out there... I love your outburst - made me laugh out loud! xx

  4. Woohoo! Consider yourself joined in your boycott.

  5. Thanks ladies - you all rock!


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