Thursday, March 24, 2011


Now that I'm down to two subjects - Romantic and Victorian Literature and Ghosts and the Gothic, I feel a little less stressed but almost just as busy.  I'm amazed at these lecturers and tutors who are seemingly able to devote their whole lives to their one true passion.  How does one do that?  At each and every lecture, I'm reminded of my love for literature but my world seems to be constantly filled with white noise - all the other stuff going on constantly in the background - the kids, the chores, the relationships...I would love nothing more than to one day lecture or tute or write but how do I find the time to do that?

How do you devote your life to your one true passion without losing sight of everything else?


  1. I don't have the answer but when you do, please share with me!! When I work on something, I ONLY work on that something until it is done then move on to the next something. Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wish I knew! I have so many interests and I find it difficult to give any of them enough attention.How people can devote their lives to one thing amazes me. Even if I wanted to do only one thing my family, household jobs and so on would get in the way.Maybe I am doomed to be a jack of all trades!! Sarah x

  3. What a great question. Some people tell me I need to MAKE TIME for what I love most. Sometimes the little piddly things take up my time when I want to be doing something more important. There is so much to do in my life too. Good luck with motivation to do what is needed.

  4. It's so nice to know I'm not alone!!!


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