Saturday, March 5, 2011

Top that

My crude attempt at Victorian millinery

I've been back at uni for a week and I already feel like I'm snowed under.  The reading seems to be never- ending - which is what I should be doing now but to say I'm lacking in motivation is an understatement. 

On top of the novels I have to read for both literature classes, we also have selected readings - some of which are 27 pages long.  And that's digitalised!  Why they can't be given to us in a dossier is beyond me.  The last thing I want to do is sit in front of the computer and read for 12 hours!  Having said that, I have read the first two novels already but feel I should read them again before tutorials start.

Plus I already have a short presentation to give next week.  In our Romantic and Victorian Literature class, we had to get into groups and find a topic from the Victorian era we'd like to research and share.  I just happened to be sitting next to a pair of 18 year olds and for some reason I came up with 'hats'.  Each group had to choose a week in which to present and, of course, no-one wanted next week but before I knew it, we were up to week 10 and I just couldn't put my hand up quick enough.  I finally convinced my partners that to do it next week would be great because we'd get it over and done with!  As usual, I've decided to do everything to the 'nth' degree and have spent the last two days researching Victorian Hats for a 5 minute presentation!!!  Nontheless, I found a craft store which sold top hats and together with some some netting and a long silk ribbon, I've managed to make something which vaguely resembles a Victorian Riding Bonnet - did I mention we had to make it 'theatrical'?

And last but not least, there's Italian.  I am so enjoying this class but don't feel I have a lot of time left to practice which is a must when it comes to languages.    

By the way, on a totally unrelated subject, can anyone tell me how I can stop following myself?  In my effort to try and send someone a message, I've inadvertantly started following my own blog!!!  Technology and I do not a happy couple make.

One week down, 12 to go.


  1. I am following myself too. It pads my numbers! =))) See how neurotic I am? I followed myself when I started the blog so I would have at least one follower! Well, 2 if you consider me on the Networked Blogs list too! =)))

    I think if you go to your blogger dashboard, there is a reading list of all the blogs you follow. Click "manage", find your blog and click "stop following this blog." It will ask if you are sure. As if you were drunk when you initially made such a bold decision and they are trying to save you years of grief due to your rash decision! Click on "Yes, asshole, I am sure!" Now that I think of it, 'asshole' may not be on the button to click but you can click it anyway and just say it silently in your head.

    I love the hat and kudos for being one step closer to graduating! Every day is one day closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you print the readings? If you open them on Internet Explorer (as opposed to Google Chrome or Mozilla) you should have a print icon. I go through a ton of ink and paper at my house. I just printed 32 pages for one class PLUS have 15 chapters to read for the same class (one weeks worth of reading). This is pretty standard for at least 2 of my classes. If I don't have the paper to read in front of me to underline, highlight and comment, I wouldn't understand it. I tried saving paper and ink by just reading the screen and taking notes but that way just isn't for me! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Nicki - it worked! You're the bomb!!

  3. I'm with you - I need to see the readings to make notes and highlite but I don't want to waste all my ink!!!!


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