Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Unhappy campers

"Let's go camping" said No.1 Son's friend's mum, "The boys can play and we can relax and enjoy the great outdoors."  Sounded like a great idea at the time.  TD's 1 & 2 both instantly complained about the lack of teenage things to do whilst camping and the fact they would both be the oldest ones there.  So I suggested TD No. 1 stay with Nan and Pop and TD No. 2 could bring a friend camping.  "How is that fair?" queried, TD No. 1, "Why can't I bring a friend?".  So after much argy-bargy, I made an executive decision and told them they were both coming and we were going to have a nice family weekend together.

Day 1.  We decided to hire a camping trailer.  Having only ever used one once before, we needed a little demonstration beforehand.  Two hours later we were more or less on our way.  By the time we arrived to our lovely bush retreat location, it was starting to get dark and we still had to assemble the camper trailer and the five man tent the girls were sharing.  After more argy-bargy, sulking teens, over excited children running about the site like lunatics, we finally got it all sorted - started a fire, cooked dinner in the dark, removed a tick from TD No. 1 and went to bed.  It took about two hours for me to get warm.

Day 2.  I awoke to a cow mooing and a kookaburra laughing.  Supportive Husband No. 1 and I went for a nice leisurely stroll while the rest of the family slept.  We found a coffee van and had a quiet coffee under a giant fig tree, contemplating how lucky we were to be in such a beautiful location.  We then walked back to the site and I contemplated how unfit I was before I was met by TD No. 2 complaining that she needed a shower but didn't want to take one on the site!  After more argy-bargy she decided she'd wait until we got home.  The rest of the day went quite smoothly.  SH No. 1 and I managed to do some quiet reading, while the children kept themselves occupied running around in the bush with their walkie talkies - my "too cool for school" TD's suddenly quite happy to be frolicking with the younger ones.  After an early dinner and a few wines around the camp fire, SH No. 1 suddenly started feeling nauseous.  This continued all through the night where I expected either his moaning and groaning to subside or a frantic wrestling with the tent zipper.

Day 3. With SH No. 1 still sick and tired, we awoke to rain.  It took a little more than two hours to pack the camper trailer, the girls' tent and the car and another hour and a half to finally arrive home.

Three loads of washing, six ticks and five hot showers later, we all contemplated the glorious luxuries of home!

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  1. Now that is why I don't like camping - you have my sympathy! You'll need a luxury spa break, at least, to get over that!


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