Saturday, April 10, 2010

Parallel Lines

This is me in my first year at school.  Now, I'm in my first year at Uni.  I was prompted to ponder my early years at school by a great article posted by The Non-Traditional Student.  I found this article extremely motivating as I sit locked up in my study, quietly contemplating my first assignment of the Semester.

I used to cry every Sunday night at the prospect of having to go to school for a whole week.  This continued till about year 2 or 3, I think!  In primary school I was extremely shy and because I was mathematically challenged, I believed that I couldn't really do anything.  In high school I was a real dreamer and although I was conscientious, I was just an average student, more interested in Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet than Maths, Business Principles or Geography (although English, languages and History did hold my attention for more than a few minutes)!

Now I'm finally at uni and though I'm still mathematically challenged, I don't cry every night before uni; I find it more emotionally and physically challenging rather than academically due to my added responsibilities; I still wear a big hat to school but I'm not quite so small and finally, I know that it all comes down to hard work, not whether I understand algebra, equations or fractions!  Oh and now I know who Homer is and have read Iliad for fun not because I had to - and I loved it!!!!

How about you - how did you handle school the first time round?  If you get a chance, read the article.

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  1. How cute!
    That was a great article on the NonTraditional Student blog. First days are hard, no matter what age we are.


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