Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Conscientious objector

TD No 2 is still at that age where boys are just gross and the best company a girl could have are her five "bff's"!  So it is that I allowed her to host a "dinner/games party".  I know it's not often I write about the good qualities of my children but they really are beginning to blossom and mature.  She spent all day yesterday in the kitchen preparing her entree of hummus; main of spinach and ricotta quiche and cup cakes decorated with hearts for dessert.    Her abilities in the kitchen and general organisation of the whole event have just melted my heart.  They've spent the day happily playing boardgames - cluedo, toggle etc. with the occasional crazy outburst of laughter and screaming, but all in all, they've been extremely well-behaved. They all dressed up for dinner; drank fizzy grape juice in wine glasses and cleaned up afterwards.

Now it's 8.15pm and I've just settled in to do some serious homework/study and unfortunately, the girls have all decided it's time to put on the "scary" movies.  The screaming has become more often than occasional and I'm beginning to think I've chosen the wrong night to begin my conscientious student routine!

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  1. You can tell that the girls are having a great time. Fun = screaming at that age. What a great party idea!! It reminds me of sleepovers with the Scout troop.


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