Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who's that girl...?

I've had my bed rest and now I'm up and about after laying low for two weeks.  With all my new-found energy, I decided to take advantage of the extra daylight and have been taking Neglected Dog out for long walks.  Being on holiday for six weeks my waistline has suffered a tad and so I can use up all that doggy energy and grab some much needed exercise into the bargain.

No 1 Son is also feeling the waistline blues and so yesterday decided to come with me.  As added motivation and to keep him occupied, I suggested he bring the camera and take some scenic shots along the way.  Little did I realise he had been taking some shots which weren't quite scenic as much as horrific!  As I was going through them tonight, I came across this little gem...and found myself wondering, 'Who is this short fat woman with the big hat?' - O...M...G...!  Somewhere along the way, I've turned into a short, chubby, middle-aged woman!  Oh, the humanity!

Where did that sexy young chic I used to know so well disappear to?  She used to go to the gym regularly as well as run, swim and attend aerobics classes with such vigour.  Well, I'm determined to find her again.  I've enrolled in thrice weekly pilates classes and intend to keep up with the long walks... and I'm hiding that bloody camera!


  1. I know what you mean - I decided the other day I have gifted my body to my daughters and got a middle-aged one in return by mistake!
    I too am beginning a walking plan, too long sitting at a dest, hunched over a laptop might exercise the brain, but it does nothing for the thighs - Good Luck - and never let that boy near a camera again!!!

  2. The shots from behind are always the worst ones! I try to always face forward, and if that doesn't work,there is always the delete button.

  3. Don't feel bad... you were brave to post the photo, which means you are REALLY going to keep your promise to yourself. I admire that!

  4. It's probably a good thing that he actually took the photo - from behind. I would've just kept my head in the sand! I'll post another one when I have my pilates body back!!


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