Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome to the real world

Well, the holiday's over and it's back to the real world BIG TIME!! 

We've come home to six weeks worth of mail - among them report cards and stationary lists!  I've got two weeks to get stationary, new uniforms, shoes, lunch boxes, drink bottles and a little bit of sanity before I have to worry about my own school needs.

After all the drama of trying to enrol in full-time semester courses, I'm now thinking of going back to a part-time load because at this stage, the thought of full-time feels a little overwhelming.  I had a goal to finish my degree in four years but at the same time, I want to be able to give it my all.  I think it's great to have goals but I think you should also be realistic and know your own stress and anxiety levels.  Being a bit of a perfectionist, I know the stress of trying to do too much in order to complete my degree won't be conducive to getting the results I'm aiming for.  At worst, staying part-time would mean finishing first year six months later and I can consider full-time in second year - hopefully by that time my mummy, wife and friend commitments will enable me to do this!

In the meantime, I'm trying to come up with places I can escape to during term so I can study in relative peace and quiet.  I'm picturing a little sanctuary with a nice little desk, a lamp, a big comfy chair in a floral upholstury with curtains to match, a little mahogany bookshelf and a glorious view of trees, birds and flowers! 

Unfortunately, I think my expectations might have to be honed down a little.  So far, a place for my possible "sanctuary" consists of - 1.  the walk-in wardrobe (yes, well...); 2.  the garden shed (a bit of a stretch) and 3.  a tiny little alcove in our master bedroom.  We did come up with all these possibilities on an exhausting, sleepless 25 hour flight, so yes, two of them may have been a little bit far fetched!  Upon actually inspecting the walk-in and the garden shed, we've come to the conslustion that my actual study time could possibly be marred by heat exhaustion!!  Looks like I might have to lock myself in the bedroom.


  1. Well the price of a walkin wardrobe has come down alot over the last two years because of new designs see website.
    they give you a free design and price or quote.
    So in maybe not to far away after all.

  2. I agree completely, full-time is overwhelming when you have so many other responsibilities. It's hard to give school (and family) the necessary attention when you have too much to do. Better to take fewer classes and finish a little later than to be overwhelmed and exhausted and run the risk of burn-out. I can't imagine trying to do school while raising children.
    Sounds like locking yourself in the bedroom is your best option so far :). Good luck, and try to enjoy your remaining break. Sounds like you are going to be very busy.

  3. Part-time is, I believe, the best option when you have other commitments. It can be done full time: friends of mine did it, but their stress levels had to be seen to be believed and the main complaint was that there was no time to step back and enjoy the experience. That was one of the resons I slowed down. The goal was not only to get a degree, but to enjoy the process.

    Space to study is also important, for the first 4 yrs of my degree I constantly had to cart my books around the house, packing up at school hometime, bedtime - indeed anytime someone else needed the space or pc. My life saver was first my own laptop, then finally the study - I still have to share: a room (usually only one day a week), not a desk, and most importantly I don't have to clear my books away each night. It's amazing the difference that makes: to be able to pick up where I left off each day, it saves so much time. As Virginia Woolf wrote: All a woman needs is a room of one's own.... Something that is rare when you are a mother!

  4. Thanks Brandywine and Student Mum for your comments. Part-time will definately enable me to enjoy the experience and life shouldn't be rushed! As for "...a room of one's own", it is my favourite fantasy!!!


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