Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The heat is on

Well, having endured 38 degree temperatures AND an exam - I'm certainly glad yesterday is over and done with.  I ensured I arrived early (3 hours!) and sat in the stinking heat mulling over my lecture notes in preparation for the in-class essay.  By the time it was due to start, I was ready to go home for a nap! 

At least the invigilators weren't nazi-like as I had heard they can be.  Once we were hearded into the exam room, had our instructions read to us and our books and belongings checked for any contraband, it was heads down, butts up.  Now, as all of you students will know, three hours seems like a long time - if you're sitting in traffic or a dental chair but when you're expected to write three 500 word essays, it's amazing how fast time seems to fly.

Having read the topic questions during the 10 minute perusal time, I felt quite confident seeing as the topics of themes, character types and structure had been discussed continually during the last 14 weeks.  However, with the ticking of the clock echoing in the background, my mind was a blank!  Not to mention the fact that my brand new white out roller thingy wouldn't work, I couldn't remember if I was supposed to write in double lines or single AND as time progressed, I became increasingly aware that I was running out of paper (which was provided and we were given strict instructions not to bring any spare)!!  To say it all felt like a nightmare would be an understatement.  Before I knew it I had 30 minutes to complete and half the class had disappeared which only added to the sense of urgency.  As a result, I'm fairly sure I was way under the required 500 words on the last question but I couldn't wait to high-tail it out of there.

On the way back to the car, I had all the usual feelings of failure, questioning myself about why I was really doing all this and contemplating on the three hours of my life I will never get back!  What am I going to do with this degree?  Should I just do something a little more practical and do a Teaching Degree?  Why is it so hot?

On the bright side, this time next week I'll be on a plane heading far, far away to a land where it's much, much cooler and where I'll have plenty of time and space to ponder about my future prospects (I think!).


  1. Our exam room (usually the sports hall) is always too cold, especially for exams in December - my hand freezes up and it gets quite painful to write! I'm not sure how I'd cope with 38 degrees, though.
    I hope you felt some sense of relief that it's over!

  2. Yes, I do feel relieved. It's hard to know what's worse - freezing, numb hands or melting! Where can we go to get a happy medium! I'm glad I won't be here for part of the summer but I'm not too good in the cold either!

  3. It was 38 degrees here today too, only it was Fahrenheit so it was quite cold!
    Congratulation on completing you exams. I frequently wonder why I am doing this and shouldn't I be in the accounting program were apparently all the other non-trads are. But hang in there, you'll feel better once you have had a vacation.

  4. I know - I need to stop thinking of the practicalities and just do what makes me happy -you never know where it's going to lead you!

  5. First exams are part of the, often steep, learning curve - I remember being an hour early for an exam too - I think it's a mature stdent trait! You're right, if you do what makes you happy then opportunities will open up for you. Life's way too short to spend 3/4 yrs not enjoying a course.

    Have a safe & comfortable flight.


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