Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yeah, Merry Christmas!


Take it from me - deciding to study two subjects in the middle of Christmas is the stupidest thing you could ever decide to do.  Not only am I furiously trying to finish an essay which is due on the 30th, I also have to read about a dozen sociology articles and maintain two online posts regarding those atricles, each week - as well as do all the Christmas shopping, wrapping, ferrying kids from one place to another (yes - I'm still the only driver), and pack for a week away. 

What sort of a course co-ordinator would decide NOT to have a break over Christmas?  Oh, I'm sure THEY all get a break, don't worry about the rest of us.  Granted, they have given us this week to finish the essay but I'm not like ordinary students - my brain's a lot older and probably greyer and I need more than a week to finish an essay.  Hence, my only option is to also pack my laptop and study paraphenalia (don't know if that's how it's spelt and I don't care) and work on it by the beach.  Actually, that doesn't sound so bad - I might even throw in a couple of drinks for good measure.  But as Nicki so wisely says, each day is a step closer to my degree.  For now, I have to try and get to the shops before the masses and finish my last little bit of shopping.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and will be thinking of you all drinking your egg nog by the fire, while I'm sitting on the beach having a cold one.  Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?!!! XXX


  1. Wow, I didn't realize that you had started back to school. It's hard dealing with both school and Christmas as both are very demanding. I'm sure you'll do well though, you always do! Merry Christmas!

  2. This is the first Xmas in years that I haven't had to study, and I'm amazed at the amount of free time I have. It's great to read that your back studying, gtood luck with the essay, writing on the beach sounds lovely compared to our fog, rain & drizzle in the UK! Merry Christmas to all of you
    Jan xxx

  3. Christmas at the beach?? How awesome! I told my hubbie that next year, our family goes to the camp to celebrate it in peace and quiet. Kids think I am nuts and are revolting the idea but he's in.

    I have to admit...I am sitting here thanking God that I don't have school to worry about right now but I am also sad that I am NOT one day closer to my degree! Well, actually I am because one day closer to the day I go back to school IS still one day closer to the degree! See? Always a bright side!

    I think you are AMAZING!!!! It is soooo tough but you can do it and yup....have lotsa drinks! Papers come out better when we are not too long as we are not completely wasted! Haha!

    Merry Christmas, my dear friend!!

  4. Yes, I wonder why they hand out essay assignments over Christmas too! My next one is due the 12th of January, but I have done nothing for it yet... Still, the 30th is a bit mean to say the least!! I shall think of you on the beach with your study stuff and cold ones!! Merry Christmas!!! Hope you have a good one and good luck with the essay. Sarah xx

  5. I really wish we could 'reply' on e-blogger!

    Connie - It is very demanding and like all of you I wonder what the hell I'm doing!
    Jan - Enjoy having your break before starting your PhD!
    Nicki - Would you believe with this essay, I have actually had a few apple ciders while writing it - it's called my Bullshit Juice!!
    Sarah - I could've so handled having this one due on the 12th and will be putting in my 2 cents worth when I give them my the 'feedback'!

    Merry Christmas guys. xxxx


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