Saturday, November 19, 2011


Yesterday, TD No. 1 graduated from high school, today, she's driven away with her friends for a week on the Coast.  I can officially no longer smother her with sunscreen, order her to wear a hat or demand she be home by a certain time.

Although the last couple of days have been quite emotional as I slowly come to grips that my little girl is no longer a little girl, I feel quite okay with it all this morning.  I think we're going to become better friends now that she's almost an adult and I'm proud of the fact that she's entering the big, wide world.  It is scary to see her driving away in someone else's car but unfortunately, I can't wrap her in cotton wool.

On the upside, SH No. 1 and I can start enjoy more 'us' time and I still have two other children I can smother and boss around!!


  1. Haha...2 others to boss around! Funny! I am right there with you on that roller coaster of emotions!! I cry thinking about how my baby will be in college in September. I worry about her driving away each day in her car. Then shit happens...literally...and I am seeing a dim sparkle of light in the tunnel. Spending 1.5 hours plunging my baby's shit in the toilet will do that to ya! I said out loud as I was covered in poo, "Here is one plus side to college."


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