Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The crypt keeper

I literally feel as if I woke up one morning and my babies were suddenly teens and pre-teens and my once supple face and body were turning hagged and heading south!  It's just like Freaky Friday - the Jamie Lee Curtis/Lindsay Lohan version - when Jamie Lee Curtis, whose body has been inhabited by her teenage daughter, looks in the mirror and wails, "I'm like the crypt keeper"!!!!!!

I hate being middle-aged. I don't even know if I really am middle-aged - I'm only in my early, early, forties.  Surely fifty is more middle-aged???    I hate the fact that every year seems to go by faster and faster and two of my babies are now teenagers with part-time jobs.  I hate that I have a middle-aged spread which no amount of pilates or half-hearted running seems to get rid of.  I hate the wrinkles around my eyes and don't see them as signs of a "life well-lived" or as "laugh lines"; I see them as wrinkles and a constant reminder that I'm getting old.  And I don't like Demi Moore with her 46 year old, size zero body and her 25 year old husband hanging off her well-toned arm!!!!!!!  Seriously, how many hours of the day would she be working out and how much Botox is she using?

Okay, okay - if it's one thing I always tell my children, it's not to use the word "hate" - but this is the exception!!!  I know what you're all thinking - it all comes down to attitude.  I should be grateful that I even have teens who are reasonably well-behaved, responsible YOUNG ladies; and I am.  At the end of the day what I REALLY hate about ageing are the physical signs.  It's time to throw vanity out the door and be happy that I have lived this long and accumulated so much along the way.  I have made a truely wonderful family; I'm able to continue my education without having to worry about what it's going to cost me; and the BEST thing, I think, about getting on is the wisdom I've gained and the ability to be able to share it with anyone who'll listen.  Even if I do look like the crypt keeper!!!!!!!


  1. I am quite sure you don't look like the crypt keeper!! Strange though ... I have been having similar thoughts.The woman staring back in the reflection is so much older and flabbier than the woman I thought I was.I am very vain and find it hard to reconcile my thoughts that I am fit healthy and happy, with my thoughts that I am craggy, flabby and not attractive any more!Ah well... we live and learn.I'm not too bad with a slap of make up!!Sarah x

  2. Hi Caz, I have been looking for a blog that I'd like to contribute to and come across yours - so here I am. Like you, I am a mature aged student (which unfortunately doesn't sound as cool as a mature aged wine - but anyway)and am studying towards a BA in English and History. I love it - apart from the stress of assessment!!- and don't feel any older than some of the students in my classes who are just out of school - and then I look in the mirror or inwardly recoil at some of the things they say or do and then realise that the generation gap is well and truly there!
    Yes I could quite happily slap Demi Moore - but console myself with the fact that her body is the result of punishment and denial of chocolate - and then I feel a whole heap better about my body and medicate the guilt of not walking today with chocolate :-)


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I've done it!!!

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