Friday, August 20, 2010

Brain strain

I've just returned from my World History class where I handed in my finished-at-long-last assignment.  As usual, I wasn't totally satisfied with the finished product, but what's new?  My tutor is about my age, with children the same age as mine and I can't help but feel a tad embarrassed at our differing intellectual abilities.  Is this normal?   Most of the time I feel as if I've been living in a bubble all my life and I can't help but feel self-conscious about it.

I left yesterday's lecture on the Mongol Empire feeling as if my brain was about to implode from learning and desperately trying to retain all of this information.  I truely love learning and I really want to know it all, but unfortunately it's just not possible to know everything (though my kids will tell you, sometimes I think I do!).

On the bright side, I'm learning to use Movie Maker in my Communications Technologies class and have made my first "movie".  I didn't have sound on my lab computer, so asked the tutor if I could play it on the big screen.  He obliged and when he'd seen that I'd imported it onto my USB, said "Good girl"!  Again, he's about my age!!  I'd attach it for you all to watch but again, I'm extremely self-conscious about my amateur movie making abilities!


  1. "I can't help but feel a tad embarrassed at our differing intellectual abilities. Is this normal?"

    YES! I know exactly what you mean.

  2. I also know exactly what you mean. It is something that feels less 'embarrassing' or important over time. They have just taken a different path. He might know more about the Mongol Empire, but I bet you know more about office admin for example which is just as valid. Although 'Good Girl' is a bit patronising, at least he didn't offer you a sticker for being so 'good' ;)!!

  3. Ditto to what Studentmum wrote. It is all about what you have spent time with. Given time, you could be at the same level of knowledge, or even better.

  4. Yes, you are all right - what I lack in World History knowledge, I more than make up for in my knowledge of motherhood and client services! It's all relative. Cheers.


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