Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Peaks and valleys

This has become a popular saying by SPH No. 1 and myself over the last couple of weeks.  Dealing with two TD's, uni, work, No.1 son and all that is associated with them, 'peaks and valleys' sums up our life pretty well at the moment.

You might remember that due to last week's 'valley', I failed a pop quiz in Film Analysis.  This seriously marred my perfectionist tendancies and, having thought about it non-stop for the following couple of days, I decided it really was a warranted result.  Although I had done all the readings, the events preceding that quiz resulted in zero retention.  This was partly the reason for me dropping a class - so I'm now back to doing two subjects rather than three and I don't mind saying that the minute I dropped a class, my whole body sighed. I felt instantly at ease with my decision and the fact that instead of rushing in to complete my first year, I can now take my time and finish it mid-year next year. 

And so, after sorting out a few 'dramas' over the weekend and doing lots of reading and note taking, I managed to get 100% on today's pop quiz.  I already feel as if a weight has been lifted and I'm now free to really concentrate on the two subjects I'm now doing.  Of course, I do hope that at some stage or another I will eventually be able to take on a larger study load but at the moment I'm just enjoying the ride.


  1. Well done on the quiz - 100% excellent - I hope the lecturer was suitably impressed.

    Keep on enjoying the ride


  2. Good for you, not only for your grade but for deciding to enjoy the ride!


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I've done it!!!

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