Sunday, February 7, 2010

A room of one's own

I have finally turned my little nook into a writing space!  I have a door that locks; airconditioning for those sweltering summers; a verandah on which to escape when I'm plagued with writer's/student's block; a phone on which I can call for help; a roomy desk for me to spread out all my 'stuff' and a comfy chair I can lean back in for those silent moments.  Although I don't have the view of a flower bed I wanted, I do have a beautiful floral painting to gaze upon in quiet contemplation.  I finally have my own place in which my creative juices can marinate!  All I need now is for uni to start and it couldn't happen soon enough.

On Monday, SH No. 1 returned to work after our lengthy holiday and I arrived home after dropping the children off at school to an empty, silent house.  I have since spent the rest of the week offering my services to anyone that wants them in an attempt not to be alone.  What's even more frustrating is that only one of my course outlines is available and with three weeks to go until Semester 1 starts,  I'm itching to get my reading materials organised.

As SH No. 1 keeps reminding me, once the semester starts, I will have plenty to do.  In the mean time, I'm giving my writing space a workout...blogging and the occasional writing competition.  Shh...don't tell the children, they think I'm actually working in here!!!


  1. I love your writing space! It would be nice to have a garden view, but the verandah will be a good place to take a deep breath and remember why you are doing the school thing.

    What kind of writing competitions are you doing? That sounds exciting!

  2. Thankyou! I'm entering a competition to be a travel writer!! A dream job - may as well give it a go.

  3. Lovely space - very tidy too!

    Good luck with the competition!

  4. That's great - thanks for posting the link for me it's inspirational!
    Mine isn't quite finished yet but I still have a couple of weeks before college starts back.


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I've done it!!!

Well, I've finally done it!! Got accepted into Uni AND created a blog!!! After searching for insightful websites to help me tackle my journey into academia at my ripe old age and coming up with nil, I decided to start one of my own. I hope this blog will encourage anyone who has ever doubted their own abilities, to put one foot in front of the other and achieve their ambitions, desires, matter what they are. If anyone has any inspiring stories to share, I would love to hear them. I love an inspiring story!!!