Monday, October 26, 2009

Home stretch

We awoke this morning to a burst water main, so I'm all deodorised up for my last week at uni. I have a 1250 word essay due in two weeks and a 1500 word, in class essay in three weeks but I'm already in holiday mode!  I'm not really sure how to tackle the in class essay as we're not even allowed an essay plan and I'm not really good at thinking on my feet - I need at least a week to create anything half decent.  Hopefully my last, last lecture this morning will shed some light.

Meanwhile I'm busy creating intineraries for our family adventure in four weeks.  It's all getting very exciting but I really have to try and keep my head in essay mode.  I don't want to let myself down - I'm on the home stretch but it's very hard!!! 


  1. Last lecture & 3weeks left of term - lightweight!;) I am so glad I don't have any more 'in class' essays or exams to do! I used to revise by writing essay plans based upon what advice the lecturer gave us. The lecturer should give some directions on what the in class essay is on. Some give heavy hints - maybe you'll get some of those, but revising by writing fairly thorough essay plans is what I would recomend.

    Four weeks until your holiday I'll bet you are writing lists every spare moment!

  2. Yes, I got a few hints today but nothing to really help me prepare! It will definitely be a comparative theme or character question.

  3. Good luck on your essays. In class essays are entirely too stressful, especially when you don't know the topic in advance.
    Love your new look!


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