Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Over the hill

After thinking I had two weeks holiday with the kids, it works out I still have a week of uni while the kids are home - help!!  It's impossible to get anything done and the stress levels are rising.  When you're a mum, I don't think it matters what you endeavour to do whether it's work, study or travel, you always have the kids at the fore front of your mind and attention.  I always feel as if I'm trudging up a steep hill with three pairs of hands pulling on my shirt tails.

While I was trying to finish an essay on Sunday (due on Monday), it was a case of where can I go to hide!  After trying to work at home, I packed everything in the car and headed to the library only to get there and not find a park.  The whole time I was driving around I could hear the "tick-tock" of time running out.  I finally came back home and shut myself away in the bedroom only to have the bedroom door open every five minutes with each child having something extremely important to tell/ask me.  I finally lost it and told them all to pretend I wasn't here and unless there was a fire, I didn't want to know! 

I left Teenage Daughters 1 & 2 at home on Monday while I handed in the assignment and went to my lecture.  I got home to the smell of burning biscuits to find TD No 2 watching Sponge Bob Square Pants and forgotten biscuits in the oven.  I think the whole house could've burned down around her and she would've been oblivious!  It's my own fault for thinking she would remember to put the timer on, seeing as that was what I told her to do!!!  I awoke on Tuesday morning panicking that my assignment wasn't up to scratch.  Oh, well, too late now.

Now I just have to try and finish my social enterprise project and finish reading The Tempest.  It is such a short play but trying to do it all in between, "Mum, we're bored" and "Mum, there's nothing to do", is insane!  I have come to the conclusion that I will just have to put in some late nights.

On the up-side my six weeks of eating properly finally seems to be paying off and I'm starting to feel as if I'm losing those extra kilos, very slowly.  If I had done this five years ago, I would've lost six kilo's by now instead of one or two but that's age, I suppose.  I also got to hit the treadmill yesterday with the kids yelling and screaming at each other in the background.  I love my MP3!

Anyway, I can't wait until this semester is over.  The hill's getting steeper, the trudging's getting slower and the hands are getting stronger!

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  1. Sounds like it's a bit of a struggle at the moment. Trying to study while kids are on holiday is near on impossible: noise, interruptions, refereeing arguments plus the ineviatable guilt that you are neglecting them! I can really relate to all of that. What I do now is accept that when they are off school I just have to work when they are either out - at a friends house, with their Dad or my mum. I have even resorted to sending them on 'errands' to the shops/library - at least a 45 mins walk there & again back! When I was writing my dissertation my husband took them away for a week. They got Dad time and I got all my work done. If you can do that when a big project is due it is so worth it. I can't off any miracle cures for it, but it does get better. They do get used to Mum's study time. Keep going.


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