Saturday, September 19, 2009

Motivational procrastination

Well, I was told it would only be a matter of time before I started losing motivation.  I have an essay due on Monday, missed a lecture this week due to illness, am behind on my reading and was up late last night volunteering with the homeless for a uni project (definately a confronting experience)!!  I suppose I haven't really lost motivation - I'm just tired!!! 

While the family are watching the footy grand final, I thought I'd hop into bed with my lap top and catch up on my essay and I knew it would happen - I'm in bed and I'm doing everything but work on the essay!!!!  Basically catching up on all the blogs I've been missing.  I know I'm procrastinating - it's one of those essays which just keeps changing every time I do a decent amount of work on it.  My theme keeps going off on tangents.  I just can't face it at the moment.

No, I'm definately not unmotivated, I'm tired, tired, tired!!  Looks like it'll be an all dayer at the library tomorrow.  I've never not had anything finished the day before it's due (what the??) And I was thinking of going full-time next year!  How do people manage it?  I think my head will be clearer after a good night's sleep.  Night night!

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  1. You'll get it back, I think it's part of the writing process to suddenly want to do anything but write! I get a bit panicky jsut before I start the actual writing, after all the research. I know now that it's part of 'my' processing. Good luck with it!

    ps: what's it on?


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