Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bad Blogger Award

Somehow I've gained new followers and I'm not sure why - I've been so slack.  Sorry to all my fellow bloggers for not keeping up with all your posts.  I'm going to get in and read them all today, I promise.  Since my last post, I've been wallowing in self-doubt and resentment and feeling kind of gloomy since deferring last semester.  It just makes me realise how much I love going to school and using my brain.  My latest sacrifice has also made me realise how easily I give up for the sake of others and what a damn good mother I am!

Instead of Eeyore and his rain, I've been trying my best to become the bouncy Tigger I once was (I don't know why I'm using Winnie-the-Pooh analagies all of a sudden).  I've finally joined the gym  and am running and lifting weights again and I'm slowly beginning to feel stronger and more positive.  I've also enrolled in Summer Semester at triple the cost, which was a bit unexpected and I almost decided not to do it at all.  But thank God Australia has the HECS programme which allows us to defer payment and repay it all when we get that job at the end of study.  The Summer Semester is also done online, which I'm not sure is a good thing or not.  Just means having to be extra disciplined, I suppose.

Apart from that, it's been all go, go, go with the kids and family.  Not that I'm complaining.  There's only a small window of opportunity left for me to spend so much time with them before they'll all be off on their own in the wide, wide world.  Unfortunately, there's also only a small window of opportunity left for me to start living my own life...Eeyore!!


  1. Hey Caz, I'm sorry to hear you are not in school this semester, but only you know what is best. It's difficult for nontrads because we feel pulled in so many different directions at once. And it's not the end; you are already signed-up for your next session! I've taken several online classes and found them to be quite convenient. There were always deadlines so that made sure I got the work done. All the best to you and enjoy your break!

  2. Being a mum is so hard isn't it? You don't realise how much your mum gives up for you when you're a child.You are great.The time will fly and you will be back to your studies before you know it. x

  3. You are so cute with your Winnie-the-Pooh analogies! I get to be bitchy Rabbit, K? Enjoy your time off from school and when you go back, enjoy that too! Or don't if you don't want...who the hell am I to tell you to enjoy doing mother effin homework! Gawd...can't I just get the damn degree without having to write another damn paper!

    Kudos for enrolling in the summer semester! I did that too but it will be winter for you when I am in my summer semester. And I have stopped worrying about my student loans. In fact, my goal may be to bury me before they are paid off!

    Love ya!!!!!!!!!!


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