Thursday, May 12, 2011

Calm before the storm?

I'm halfway through reading my very last novel for the semester and I feel so calm!  All I have pending are two exams coming up in four weeks and I'm not altogether sure how to prepare for them but I'm worried the calm I feel now will soon give way to stress! 

I finally got one of my essays back yesterday and was happy with a Distinction - but not jumping for joy.  Although I'm still determined to give everything 100%, I feel as if some of my passion for university has gone astray.  My new goal is to have my degree finished by mid-year 2013.  This means completing three subjects a semester - I know I can do it and I actually think it will be less stressful than doing two!  I have more time to think and worry while doing two subjects whereas doing three, I just know I have to get it done!

I'm really missing being in the workforce and came across a great job with a theatre company the other day as an Arts Administrator.  Isn't it ironic that I left my job as an administrator in order to find something better, only to be considering going back into the same field, albeit in a different capacity? 

I suppose it's taken this little journey of mine to realise what I'm best suited to but what I'm learning on the way is giving me the confidence I need to realise that!  I just hope I haven't burned all my bridges.


  1. Its strange isn't it how life turns out? I am impressed that you think 3 subjects will be easier than 2!! Good luck with that!! I am beginning to get excited with my course. I am on my last essay and then all that lies between me and my degree is an exam... But I am starting to wonder what classification I will get and dreaming about my graduation! Good luck hun! x

  2. Telling myself that 3 subjects would be easier to handle than 2 is just my way of trying desperately to get through the next two years!! That's great that your degree is so within reach but I feel a bit left out - what with Nicki graduating as well and Student Mum already onto her Masters!!!!

  3. Hang in there, dear friend!!! You are doing great! 3 classes will be good! It is just enough to stay focused but not too much to want to pour salt in your eyeballs! I would NOT recommend doing 5 unless you are a masochist!

    You are not left out! I am graduating but I still have 2 years left for my Masters so we will both be getting our degrees at about the same time! Then you either have to come to the States or I have to got down under so we can have a margarita together! Long trip for one drink? Naaaahhh! Hell, we will have 2 and make it worth the flight!!!

    Funny...I worked in daycare as a lead teacher and program coordinator before going to school. I actually have thought about going back as a director after I graduate! I keep telling myself that I did not spend all that time, energy and money on a degree from a "Little Ivy" university to go back to working in daycare but I know I do that job so well! That is why I MUST get my masters!

  4. Hi again from Betsy in Kentucky.

    You are not alone in thinking of changing your focus after going back to school. I originally wanted to be a full-time teacher. Now I am considering jumping more into my art. I also am proofreading and tutoring. But the experience was worth so much, and I feel proud of myself for doing the work. Keep us posted.

  5. Nicki - I'm thinking we should all have a blogger get-together! That would be fun! We'd have to meet somewhere in the middle!!!

    Betsy - You're right, you just never know where a degree is going to lead you. I'm keeping my mind open to lots of different possibilities.

  6. true! I changed my major a lot. First, pre-med, then psych, then fine arts, then psych with a minor if fine arts, then dropped the minor and just psych. It all works out somehow! I want to see your art too!

    Caz, yes...let's attempt this sometime! Betsy, you in?


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