Friday, January 14, 2011


The devastation of the recent floods here in Queensland have, believe it or not, given me even more to be grateful for

I am grateful my brother, his family and my mother somehow managed to escape any harm to themselves or damage to their property.  I'm also grateful I was able to accommodate them all after their evacuation.  What I am most grateful for, and something so wonderful that has come out of something so tragic, is that I have been able to re-establish a long lost bond with my brother. Having the ten of us under one roof for three days under at times dire circumstances, has certainly reaffirmed to me the importance of the family unit - Cousins, Uncles, Aunts, Nanas.  Last but not least, I'm immensely grateful for the friends I didn't know I had! The amount of texts, emails and phone calls we had was overwhelming and surprising!

It is in situations like this you are able to overcome your petty disagreements, come to your senses and realise what is truely important in life.


  1. You are absolutely right! For some reason I distance myself from my family and when we get together again, I want to see them more (although that feeling lasts for about an hour and then I want distance again)! Praise God that your family is safe!!!!!

  2. Glad everything has worked out for you and everyon is ok. Sometimes when you are distant (emotionally and physically) it brings a new sense of closeness.

  3. Glad to know you are safe. Have been watching Queensland's plight on the news and it looks horrendous.

  4. So glad you and your family are safe!


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