Tuesday, September 14, 2010


If I wake up again in the morning thinking about the Plague, I think I'll go round the bend!  My latest history brief is to analyse a primary source (The Decameron) and explain why it's a relevant source.  I hadn't heard of either Giovanni Boccaccio or The Decameron before I started, so I guess in amongst all this stress, I'm actually learning something.  It's not due till Friday but I'm pretty much finished and I've done something I've never done before - I've emailed my tutor, asked lots of questions and sent her a draft!!  I got 7/10 on my last briefing note, which is good but it wasn't what I was hoping for.  So, in a bid to get at least an 8 on my latest one, I swallowed my pride and asked for some feedback.  It's not that I don't know what to do, it's just that I over analyse the task, end up with too many references, stray a bit from the original plan and, as was the case on the last one, I'm not concise enough!  This is something I really have to get a hold on - being concise.  I'm getting there!

I received 85% in my first communications assessment, which is great and am tyring to finish the latest play in Great Books - School for Scandal.  I have to admit it - I'm not enjoying it.  Whether it's because I've got so many other things going on, I don't know.  I enjoyed the last play - Medea (absolutely loved it), but that was Greek tragedy - one of my favourites and it was short!!!!!  Anyway, I'm not going to like everything I suppose.

I'm over halfway through the semester and have a week's break in a little over 7 days.  When I say 'break', I mean I don't have any classes - I still, however, have assignments to finish!!!  I KNOW it's going to be worth it in the end!!


  1. Hi Caz,
    we must be following the same academic calendar because I've got lecture recess in a week and a half as well.

    I understand totally what you saying about over-analysing the task - I just about drive myself crazy with this and my references!!! well let's just say that a large forest provides all the paper for all the books that I go through for my assignment - oh maybe the next one will have EXACTLY what I need - and so the search goes on!

    Chin up - it will all be worth it in the end!!
    (well that's what I keep trying to tell myself anyway!)

  2. Unfortunately, breaks are usually working breaks for adult students. Good luck with your brief! I'm sure you will do well.

  3. I remember hearing about "Fall break" and "Spring break" while I was back in school. Unfortunately, I had reports scheduled. So I do understand about that. Good luck on all your work.


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