Saturday, September 25, 2010

A break?


She doesn't have a problem sleeping!

Between TigerLilly meowing at the front door and SH No. 1 keeping me awake with his snoring, sleep from about 3.30 am this morning was just impossible.  So I got up and watched the last half hour of Witness (God Harrison Ford's sexy!) and then some old Oprah episodes; took TD No. 1 to work at 6 am and then TD No. 2 to work at 7; came back home and got into bed where I got about half an hour unti I was woken by No. 1 Son thumping up the stairs like a herd of elephants.  

I'm so tired and cranky and have just spent the last two hours of this rainy Saturday afternoon trying to entertain No. 1 Son.  After drawing, diary writing and sorting his footy cards I thought I might try and have an afternoon Nana nap.  Unfortunately, every time I close my eyes I keep thinking of assignments...assignments...assignments.  I finished yesterday for a one week (I know, hardly seems worth it) mid-semester break.  Why they call it a break I have no idea - probably because we don't actually have to go on campus.  We do, however, have loads and loads of reading and writing to do. 

I drove home yesterday from a tutorial trying desperately not to panic.  I have a Great Books essay due on the Monday we get back; have to start reading our Ancient Greek poetry before we get back; and have some history reading to do as well - before we go back!  Actually, now that I've written that down, it doesn't seem like that much at all!  I really feel as if I'm reaching my ultimate limit in terms of brain capacity lately.  Even though I got 86% on my last Great Books essay, I feel as if the writing is becoming such an effort and it's beginning to drain on me (although I did have enough energy to run up and down the hallway a couple of times when I got the results) .  We're going away on Monday to the beach for three days and while I was looking forward to having a break, my laptop will be joining us.

On the bright side, once I return I only have four weeks to go (and many more assignments and exams) and then I get about three months off - it's the only thing keeping me going!  I'm beginning to re-think the three subjects next year - who cares if I'm 46 by the time I've finished?  Me:(


  1. That sounds great about only 4 weeks to go! And I agree with you about Harrison Ford. What a hunk. And my "vacations" used to be filled with work too when I was at school.

    Here is hoping you sail through the rest of this semester without burning out yet. It's easy to do when you have so much work. Hang in there! We are rooting for you.

  2. Hey there! Newly following from E. Sheppard's blog (taking her advice)! Can't wait to read your entries!


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