Friday, June 4, 2010

Rest day

After taking doggy for a walk on this beautiful winter's morning, my intention was to lock myself in my study and complete the last two assignments for the semester.  However, once I got home and assessed the state of the house and remembered that the out-laws (I really love them to bits but I just love the term!) were coming over for dinner, I decided to have a 'rest day' from the study and potter around the house.

I justified my thought process by agreeing that I have spent the last couple of days diligently writing one assignment or another and that my brain deserved a bit of a rest.  I had my last lecture yesterday and visions of five reading-movie watching-socialising-bludging, weeks holiday are dancing around in my head. These visions make it hard for me to even contemplate the subjects I will take next semester, which I have to enrol in next week.  I love the fact that I've made it through another semester, but the anxieties about assignments/exams doesn't seem to get any easier.  I also miss the social aspects of employment and am contemplating finding something part-time.  I just have to work out how I will also fit in the study, football training, band practice, drama lessons and soccer training at the same time (the kids' extra-curricular activities - not mine)!!!

As if that's not time consuming enough, TD No 2 has decided to extend her vegetarianism to veganism.  While I support her decision whole heartedly, it has been a bit challenging finding alternatives to milk, cheese and eggs.  Actually, I've rather enjoyed researching this choice of diet and have decided to join her.  Apart from the obvious reasons for boycotting animal products, it might actually be good for us.  It certainly makes for lively dinner table debate with the carnivores on the one side (No. 1 Son, SH. No. 1 and TD No.1) and the herbivores on the other (TD No. 2 and myself).

The down-side is, of course, making two different meals to please everyone! Maybe I deserve a rest day more often.

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  1. I had a rest day on Friday and it has extended to Sunday. I just can't make myself get my books out to revise... and I really should!Ho hum.... maybe when I have finished blogging... Sarah


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