Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are you feeling fatigued? Only all the time!

I had to go back to the doctor's this morning just to get the results of my mammoth blood test I had the other day, which was part of my yearly check up.  My cholesterol was the one I was most worried about.  Now, it seems that is the least of my problems.

The first thing she said was, "You must be feeling very fatigued" to which I replied, "Well, I have three children, so who wouldn't be?".  It seems my thyroid levels are down - I had a thyroidectomy about two years ago and am now on medication, so my levels will always have to be checked, so this is no biggy.  My cholesterol is a "little bit" high and I have a vitamin D deficiency.  Now, six months ago I had a low grade melanoma removed from my right thigh, I live in Queensland where we have the highest rate of melanoma in the world, and I've just been told I don't get enough sun!!!  Can anyone else see the irony in this?

Now I have to up my thyroid medication, do more exercise and take a vitamin D tablet every day for the rest of my life.  At this point, I kind of feel as if I'm falling apart!


  1. Oh dear - I do apreciate the irony of sun/no sun/vit D thing. Here there is talk of Vit D deficiency in children from overprotection in the sun - we can't win! Hope you feel better soon. - Maybe it was that Western Hemisphere winter you had!!

  2. Studenmum is right, sometimes we just can't seem to win. I think the falling apart begins when we turn forty. Feel better soon!

  3. You said, "I live in Queensland where we have the highest rate of melanoma in the world, and I've just been told I don't get enough sun!!! Can anyone else see the irony in this?"

    I sure do. As we say here in the U.S., you are between a rock and a hard place.

    OR your get up and go got up and went. :-)

    I am over 40 too. I was thinking of taking a yoga class AND making sure I take my vitamins (all of them) every day, which I don't do right now always.

    And three children? Wow. You are so lucky there. I will be coming back here to check and hope you are full of energy next time.

  4. I love that saying, 'My got up and go just got up and went'!!! I'm sure it will come back soon.

  5. I thought people started falling apart at 35! What's it going to be like for me when I get to 40? :D


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