Monday, August 24, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

For all of us lucky people living in the Southern hemisphere, it looks as if Spring is here at last!! I don't know about everyone else but although we have such a short winter, I'm always so glad when it's over. I feel low and gloomy (and I think my family will vouch for that!). Being a typical Aussie, my blood obviously craves the warmer weather.

So it was with great joy that I jumped out of bed this morning full of life and vitality and with a spring in my step that I handed in my very first assignment! Perhaps the weather added to my sense of optimism but optimistic, I felt. However, as I walked back to my car after the lecture, with the heat of the sun bearing down on my unprotected head and the persperation slowly making its way down my back, I got into the stinking hot car and my optimism turned to annoyance. Annoyance that very soon it will be Summer and swelteringly hot and no matter where I go for a reprieve, it's going to be sticky and sweaty! I don't even want to THINK about trying to get into a bathing suit!!

There is no doubt the weather affects our moods and emotions - is there anywhere I can go where it's just Spring all year round?

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  1. We are heading to Autumn now. Our 'brief' wet, windy & cloudy summer is nearly over. Usually it brightens up just as they schools go back early September for a so called 'Indian Summer'. I can't tolerate very hot weather - so why did we go to 40 deg heat in Spain this year? - who knows! So I don't envy you your Aussie summer - we went to Sydney in your Autumn/Winter (May/June) a few years ago - it was more like our summer and we were amazed to see kids in woolly hats & coats while we were in bikinis on Shelly Beach - typical mad poms! How's the first semester going?


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