Monday, November 1, 2010

Two down - one to go!!!

I no longer feel as if I'm melting under the study load - I just feel exhausted! 

I completed my nerve-wracking New Communications exam on Friday morning and even though I got there in plenty of time, once I sat at the computer I couldn't stop my hands from shaking!  I walked into the room and for the first time in the whole Semester, the tute was full - I think I was the last to arrive for a change.  I had to find a computer that actually worked - well, they all worked but were so slow and I convinced myself they weren't working.  I changed computers twice before I was satisfied I had one that wouldn't freeze halfway through.  Anyway, after the initial 10 questions where I had myself convinced I was going to fail dismally, I breezed through and managed to get 31 out of 40 - in twenty minutes!

This morning I handed in my last Great Books essay after spending all weekend fighting off a urinary infection while trying to finish it.  I'm not all together satisfied with the final result but I'm so tired, I'm beginning not to care.  I felt almost free after I handed it in and really wanted to do something exciting.  I had no idea what - just SOMETHING!!!  God, I think I've become so boring - the only thing I know how to do any more is study!!!  I thought about going into the city but then couldn't be bothered so I came home and printed off my History assignment due on Monday.  See?  Told you - BORING!!!.  At least I have a week to finish it and then I'll be as free as a bird!!  To do what, I'm not totally sure.  I think I've forgotten how to have fun!!!


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! I have 6 weeks left of this semester then I finally get a 3 week break...then 16 more weeks, then a summer break (complete with a BA degree) then 2 years of grad school WITHOUT A SUMMER BREAK! I think I can, I think I can! I hear ya about "boring." All I do is school stuff!!!!!!!!! Repeat after me, "I am one day closer to my degree!"

  2. Thanks Nicki - it's a mantra I practise regularly!!


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