Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mutton-dressed-as-lamb to the slaughter

As the beginning of the Semester looms ever closer, I am faced with my biggest decision so far. No it's not, How do I actually do an assignment or Do I need to raise my hand when I want to go to the bathroom - it's, What should I wear? There are a few dilemmas to be taken into consideration. If I dress age-appropriately e.g. as I would going to work or for a parent/teacher interview, I risk being mistaken as one of the lecturers (or somebody's mother). However, if I dress to blend in with my fellow students, I risk looking like mutton dressed as lamb. Then my mind wondered to the Madonna. How does this mature-age material girl decide what to wear? Whether she's scouring orphanages in Africa, doing pilates with Gwynneth or doing whatever she does with Jesus, I think she always looks pretty cool. This is a woman over a certain age who actually sets the fashion scene. As Teenage Daughter Number 1 recently said, "Be youself, Mum". Great advice, Daughter. Strike a pose!!!

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  1. Hi, just finished at Uni as a mature student, can't seem to stop stying now so beware - it's addictive. As to what to wear - after much agonising - jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket & scarf in the winter was my usual style - I even have a photo on my facebook page with me wearing exactly that! Good lucj and stop by my blog sometime. What are you studying?


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